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Keep Scunthorpe Alive

The campaign group Keep Scunthorpe Alive have recently launched a new campaign aimed at keeping business in the town center.

This campaign has been launched in response to plans submitted by a developer to build a 6 unit retail park on the site of an existing garden center just out side of town.

The group are very concerned that this will result in the death of the town center, and that excellent alternative development opportunities exist right in the central business district.

Read our full article and down load an objection letter here >>

Friends of Ashby Pond

Following the tragic events at a local Scunthorpe wildlife and fishing lake, known locally as "Concrete Pond" Visit Scunthorpe have been asked to help promote a public meeting to discuss its future.

The newly formed group, calling them selves "Friends of Ashby Pond" are looking to gain members and support to have repairs made to the lake so it may be returned to public use

The group are currently investigating a number of options, and hope to discuss these options with residents and users of the pond at a meeting on the 12th.

It is hoped that at this meeting the new group will be constituted and a committee of local residents and users of the pond, be them anglers, dog walkers, members of neighbourhood watch and the like can work together to form this group to help protect and conserve the pond for future use.

If you would like to get in touch with the group, please email [email protected]

Cycling Record attempt at Quibell Park

Next month sees a unique world record attempt take place at Scunthorpe�s Quibell Park.

James Tully, an accomplished triathlete, plans to set a land speed record on a cycle made entirely out of wood and held together by glue, even the brakes are made from wood.

The bike is made up from a mixture of hardwood and plywood and test have seen it run at speeds of over 30mph.

Read the full article by Hamst>>

Diseased Trees removed from Bottesford

Earlier in the year three of the trees located in the "Avenue" on bulls Field (Manor Road) Bottesford, were diagnosed as suffering from "Bleeding Canker" disease.

This is a disease which is becoming wide spread throughout the UK and western Europe and is thought to be caused by either a bacteria or fungal infection of the tree.

Once infected there is little to be done to cure the problem, and the trees have to be felled. This week the council felled these trees, pending their replacement with London Plane Trees in the Autumn.

Further article and photographs of the trees submitted by Thoades

Scunthorpe tweeter talks about the power of social media

Yesterday the local paper announced that having redeveloped its web site to include more social media, and having indeed started encouring more community sourced content, it would now (unsurprisingly) be stopping its daily print run and produce just one weekly copy, on a Thursday priced at a poud.

While a several readers have commented on the short sightedness of recent articles in the Target criticising the use of twitter, at least one local resident seems to think that twitter, blogging and social media have a special place at the heart of all things local.

Yesterday Fans64 submitted the following article on new media, which highlights some of the good it has achieved in recent weeks. Read Fans64 artcile here

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E.A. Move in to rescue wildlife in lake

Earlier today, following great anticipation from Anglers and local residents alike, two contractors working on behalf of the Environment Agency turned up at the leaking Concrete Pond off Olive Drive in Ashby to begin the evacuation.

There have been massive concerns over the welfare of the wildlife and the future of the pond after water leves became dangerously low over a week ago. Full Article

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